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10 Bad Habits Usually Develops in College Life Among Students


College life is the most important phase of life. Students are in their teen ages and they can direct their lives to right or wrong direction which has lifelong impacts on student. Students should be careful in their college life. Parents and teachers should guide the students to differentiate between right and wrong. 10 bad habits usually develops in college life among students are discussed in this article.

  1. Excessive Liberty leads to Bunking Classes

There is freedom in college life. Students want to feel this liberty by bunking classes. These casual bunks develop into habit of bunking classes which affects the academic records of the students.

  1. Bad Company

College students are unaware of the effects of keeping bad company. When a student affiliates himself with negative students or groups, then he develops the habit of this company. Soon he becomes an active member of this bad company.

  1. Procrastination

Students develop the habits of delaying assignments and then they fail to submit the assignments on time. This becomes the habit and then student doesn’t care for assignments’ submission and as a result he fails the examination.

  1. Insensitivity

When student gets involved with bad company he doesn’t feel responsible and becomes insensitive. He doesn’t regard the efforts and expectations of his family. He becomes self-centered and focuses on his pleasures only.

  1. Callous Attitude

Callous attitude towards studies becomes his habit and then he is unable to focus on studies. This attitude not only affects his academic records but his family is also affected by his non serious and cold behavior.


  1. Drug Addiction

Drug addiction usually starts with occasional use of drugs and gradually student becomes dependent on these drugs. Drug addiction is most commonly seen in college students. This habit has destroyed the lives of many students.

  1. Thrill Seeking Activities

Students seek pleasure by jeopardizing their lives for attention seeking. These activities start in colleges and then students show dangerous stunts in other public places. These activities also become habit and students feel pleasure by doing these risky activities.

  1. Laziness

Students become lazy; he wastes the time by doing unnecessary activities. He avoids the study by engaging himself in useless activities. This stress avoiding tactics becomes his habit and he becomes idle.

  1. Self-Destructive Habits

Self-destructive habits start by showing off in front of other college students. These boosting becomes his habits and he feels compulsion to do self-destructive activities such as drug addiction and dangerous stunts.

  1. Unnecessary Parties

College students attend unnecessary parties without any occasion; this becomes their habits to attend parties. There are other malicious activities going on in parties and these students are also more prone to indulge in these malicious activities.

These are some of the bad habits which usually develop among college students. Teenage is the very important phase of life. Students should take each step with care and wisdom. Various good students have ruined their lives by developing bad habits in college. Habits become compulsions which are not easy to leave.

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