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10 Podcasts about Education

The audio and video files of a Podcast can be an ultimate solution to a busy schedule. Also, listening to podcast novels while traveling can enable the student to reach the reading goals for the semester. The students can also download these on their mobile phones or personal music players and play them while traveling, exercising or on vacations. This can be an amazing way to keep them up to date.

There are a variety of podcasts available online that you can follow. Here are the 10 most popular Podcasts about education:

 Ted Talks: Ted is a famous platform for people who have significantly contributed to society. Ted started operating in 1984. Their slogan is: “ideas worth spreading”. Many people already know about them as they are quite popular. Their podcast audio quality is as good as their HD picture quality. There are not many places where you would find this range of talks.

Radio Lab: Radio lab is also a famous show about curiosity. People listen to them on around 500 member stations. With a mission to enhance the public understanding of technology and science, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation supports them.

Star Talk Radio:

This radio show is about space. The podcast is also available online. Dr. Tyson discusses planets, stars, and humans in space in the show.

 The College Info Geek Podcast:

You can find in-depth interviews of Steve Kamb, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Caleb Wojcik in this podcast.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leader:

Even if you are not into entrepreneurship, this Podcast can be an excellent learning resource. The show is a series of lectures that are in recorded format from the Stanford University. Many famous people have posted as guests including Mark Zuckerberg, Guy Kawasaki, and Marissa Mayer.

Back to work: This podcast helps you to become more productive at work. They also help you to discover new tools to become efficient and active.

Founders Talk:

The talk is a phenomenal resource for people who want to know about the Founders of famous companies. The founders talk about the hurdles that they faced. This one is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Rationally speaking:

In this Podcast Massimo Pigliucci and co-host Galef speaks about topics like Heuristics and biases, utilitarianism and rationality in general.

The Podcast history of the world:

This podcast gives a detailed description of the History of the World. It is a good choice for students doing a major in world history.

Stuff you should know:

Similar to the website how stuff works, this Podcast helps you clarify some of the misconceptions about certain common sense matters in your daily life. Like, is cash better than credit or debit? This is an excellent Podcast for people who want to learn about anything and everything.

The Podcast was invented by a journalist from BBC known as Ben Hammersley in 2004. It is a portmanteau. The pod in the Podcast is derived from the word iPod, which a famous music player from the renowned electronics manufacturer called Apple.

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