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A Perfect Essay Guide

Have your teacher assigned you to write a descriptive or general essay, and you need guidance on how to write a good essay? Don’t worry, this “How To” article has specifically been written to guide all those students who find it a difficult task to write a good essay writing.

The best way to explain the ideal body structure of the essay is to give them example of burger .. yes burger. It has a top, center filling, and last bun. Similarly, an ideal essay always a comprehensive introduction, an overture that reflects writer’s purpose, and the main point. Then comes the center filling – main body that contains the entire argument, explanation along with valid or textual examples to justify the statement, writer views, and its pros & cons.

Lastly, the concluding paragraph that gracefully sums up the entire document in few lines, and reflects the entire concept and main idea of the essay.

No, an essay is not finished yet! Till now I told you the body structure of essay how it should be written to give a perfect page review. Now let’s take an insight into the inner content and style of essay writing that will convey your message to the readers.


5 steps to write an Illuminating Essay

  1. Brainstorm your thesis statement

The essay question or thesis question is something that needs a good brainstorming as it requires two sides of discussion. Your essay statement ought to talk about both sides and pick one side to contend for or against.

The thesis statement will pass on to your peruser the focuses or contentions you will make in your paper. It goes about as a guide for your paper and ought to answer the question, “What is this paper about?” It ought to stand firm and declare your position towards the subject.

  1. Create an outline

Before start writing your essay, make a rough draft of five paragraph essay:

Introduction: The first line of openeing paragraph should be engaging. Some students think that its simpler to compose make a transitory presentation and reexamine it once they are done with the article. This will guarantee the presentation is firm with whatever is left of the exposition.

Body section 1-3: Each passage ought to talk about one noteworthy purpose of your theory, with no less than one supporting case.

Conclusion: This section ought to abridge your primary contention and rehash your theory. You may likewise need to incorporate last contemplations around the article address.

  1. Write the body


The body of your essay contends, clarifies or depicts your point. Every fundamental thought that you wrote in your chart or diagram will turn into a different segment inside the body of your exposition.


Each body section will have a similar essential structure. Start by thinking of one of your primary thoughts as the early on sentence. Next, compose each of your supporting thoughts in sentence organize, however leave three or four lines in the middle of each indicate return and give definite cases to go down your position. Fill in these spaces with relative data that will help connect littler thoughts together.



  1. Write the conclusion

The conclusion brings conclusion of the point and wholes up your general thoughts while giving a last viewpoint on your subject. Your decision ought to comprise of three to five in number sentences.


Essentially survey your primary focuses and give support of your postulation.


  1. Add the finishing touches


  • Check the request of your sections. Your most grounded focuses ought to be the first and last passages inside the body, with the others falling in the center. Likewise, ensure that your section arrange bodes well.
  • Review the directions for your exposition, if appropriate. Numerous educators and grant frames take after various organizations, and you should twofold check directions to guarantee that your article is in the wanted arrangement.
  • Finally, survey what you have composed. Rehash your paper and verify whether it bodes well. Ensure that sentence stream is smooth and add expressions to help associate contemplations or thoughts.
  • Check your article for language structure and spelling botches.

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