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How you see the future of technology in Higher education in the coming years?

In the modern world of today where everyone has access to internet, computers, tablets and mobile phones the higher school education system are also focusing on modernizing their classroom by moving out from the old traditional classroom setup and adapting the latest technology to teach and deliver lectures to the students. How to see the […]

10 Podcasts about Education

The audio and video files of a Podcast can be an ultimate solution to a busy schedule. Also, listening to podcast novels while traveling can enable the student to reach the reading goals for the semester. The students can also download these on their mobile phones or personal music players and play them while traveling, […]

Education As A Tool For Social Change

AWARENESS Education creates awareness in people. They get to know about their rights as citizens, students, employees and most importantly as humans. Therefore, they begin to learn to fight for their rights in appropriate and effective ways. Instead of making violent protests, which are often a failure, they prefer a having a serious word of […]

10 Bad Habits Usually Develops in College Life Among Students

  College life is the most important phase of life. Students are in their teen ages and they can direct their lives to right or wrong direction which has lifelong impacts on student. Students should be careful in their college life. Parents and teachers should guide the students to differentiate between right and wrong. 10 […]

A Perfect Essay Guide

Have your teacher assigned you to write a descriptive or general essay, and you need guidance on how to write a good essay? Don’t worry, this “How To” article has specifically been written to guide all those students who find it a difficult task to write a good essay writing. The best way to explain […]