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Education As A Tool For Social Change

Education creates awareness in people. They get to know about their rights as citizens, students, employees and most importantly as humans. Therefore, they begin to learn to fight for their rights in appropriate and effective ways.

Instead of making violent protests, which are often a failure, they prefer a having a serious word of mouth with the respective person, which is a more impactful and direct approach to their issues. Social change is not possible without people with increased awareness about almost everything. Due to this awareness society walks hand in hand rather than into number of groups believing that together we are one and that together we can bring a change.

One of the major evils that our society comprises of is prejudice against a certain group or community of people. Educated people accept the fact that everyone has the right to have his own opinion about anything which doesn’t necessarily have to match with their opinion about the same thing. They not only respect other’s opinions (no matter how opposing they are to their own opinions), but also have the courage to accept they are wrong when they realize, rather than resisting and making unending arguments. Also, education increases tolerance level in people so that they learn that no war can be won by rage and quarrels and rising fingers at others. Instead, with love and an optimistic approach an ignorant mind can be changed within no time.

People who have gained education and have used it the way it is supposed to be used, it has benefitted them abundantly. Taking an example, many house wives who are not permitted to work outside, have begun to do online jobs making potential use of their degrees. Thus, their confidence is boosted and their skills are being utilized in the right direction. Educated people lead a life with a purpose and an aim. As the rate of education is increasing, it is observed that behavior of most men is changing towards women. Women are now being given more respect and rights than they used to be before. Ratio of females attaining higher education being more than males is an evident proof of this. For reformation of the society educating women is very essential as women leads an entire generation by upbringing their children.

Without education, progress of a society is unimaginable. A society depends largely on its youth who is going to lead it in the future. An educated youth means less poverty, less homelessness, less criminal activities and a brighter future ahead. Entrepreneurship education has spread so far and wide that no youth wastes time sitting idle at home due to lack of available jobs, rather starts a small scale business. Suicide rate, due to joblessness has been recorded to fall greatly. A healthy society is a good society’s trait. Education amongst people makes them lead a more hygienic life refraining from processed foods and taking necessary preventives to avoid harmful and chronic diseases.

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