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How you see the future of technology in Higher education in the coming years?

In the modern world of today where everyone has access to internet, computers, tablets and mobile phones the higher school education system are also focusing on modernizing their classroom by moving out from the old traditional classroom setup and adapting the latest technology to teach and deliver lectures to the students.

How to see the future of Technology in Higher Education System in the coming Year?


  • The Technology Trends in Upcoming Five Years:
  • Change in the Learning Techniques: The teacher will advance from the typical student centred learning method to more challenge or task based learning, question based learning or assignment based learning.
  • Encouraging Innovations: The students shall be encouraged and motivated to do experiments, make new discoveries while learning and become an entrepreneur.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Introduction of Artificial Intelligence will further make education much easier and understandable. Using Artificial Intelligence student can acquire adaptive educational techniques and improve online education. This will make learning interactive and students can be answered by virtual assistant within online classroom. Plus AI will serve as a source of assistance for teachers.
  • Natural User’s Interface (NUI): This is a user interface which is not visible and it remains hidden till the user learns complicated interactions. The consumer connects with the technology by acquiring natural gestures such as Tabs, body movement, swipes and facial expressions.


  1. The Technology Trends in Upcoming 3-5 Years:
  • Focus on Measurable Learning: The student evaluation and assessment through random test, assignments and group projects will continue gaining emphasis. Many analytic learning and visualising tools will be used for the purpose of measurement. It can measure how much does an individual student know? Their response to the content of the subject and their response towards the teacher and their teaching methods.
  • Redesigning Traditional Classrooms: With the adaptation of advanced teaching and learning methods there will be a need to redesign the traditional classrooms into smart rooms which will encourage the students to learn even better. Some of the popular universities have already introduced the concept of Virtual Classroom where the students from all over the world can interact with one another and with the teacher in a virtual room giving a better opportunity for learning and acquiring education from one of the best universities in the world irrespective of your location.
  • Making the best use of Internet: Internet can be easily connected with in the classroom through tiny sensory chips and processors. This will make it easy for students to access internet and watch learning videos to acquire better understanding about any topic.
  • Adaptation of Advance LMS (Learning Management System) within Classroom: This is a successful application and software which helps in creating a personalised group or community within classroom which will help in participation of student, faculty and provide online course outline.


  1. The Technology Trends in Upcoming 1-2 Years:
  • Introducing Blending Learning Methods: The introduction of Flipped classroom which is an instructional technique and a blended learning classroom that replaces the traditional classroom environment by giving online instructional matter outside the traditional classroom. For example conducting activities and homework within classroom. Inside a flipped classroom the students learn by watching lectures online, discuss the lectures with the teacher, do research and try to connect the concepts discussed in classroom by studying at home and discuss queries with the teacher.
  • Combined Learning: This is another interesting learning approach in which students and teachers work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner to create solutions to the problems faced in the real world. The students are encouraged to submit a group assignment and will be graded together making education more interactive and understandable.
  • Adaptive Educational Technologies: This is the adaptation of online software basis that is adjustable according to the needs and the progress of an individual Student.
  • Mobile Applications: The students will be encouraged to download educational applications on their smart android phone which will make the process of learning portable and easy to acquire at any time of the day.
  • Massive Online Classes: Many educationists have introduced Massive online classes which provide a valuable material and content making students equally knowledgeable as the students in physical classroom. These online classes can be acquired according to the convenience of students and in their comfort zone. The video can be viewed again and again to clear the complex concepts thus making study easier.


These are upcoming technology trends which are being adapted by many higher education systems to enhance the learning techniques and make education understandable and easier for Students acquire Higher Education.

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